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Reimagine the possibilities of your outdoor space with Velero Deck Designs, Inc. Renowned for our craftsmanship and creativity, we have served as the premier provider of deck services in Ashburn, VA, for over 20 years. Our team goes beyond the usual expectations of deck builders. As a family-owned enterprise, we understand the value of quality and commitment, ensuring that each project stands as a testament to our dedication.


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With us, you have artists and engineers who mold wood and stone into sustainable structures that enhance your living experience. Our unique 3D modeling service enables you to explore your dream deck virtually, ensuring every detail aligns with your vision. Whether it’s a luxurious gathering space or a peaceful retreat, we promise a product that will be cherished for generations. If you are also yearning for an outdoor extension that exudes elegance, our patio contractor services stand out as the epitome of class. From the initial planning to the final touches, we accompany you through each step, aligning design, materials, and execution to your taste. Transform your yard into a refined entertainment or relaxation haven that’s uniquely yours.

No more battling bugs while trying to unwind. With Velero’s experienced screened porch builders, your wish for a tranquil outdoor space becomes a reality. We meticulously craft screened-in porches that offer the pleasure of the breeze without unwanted intrusions. It’s a blend of comfort, aesthetics, and functionality that results in pure bliss.

Velero Deck Designs Inc. represents a legacy of quality and creativity in Ashburn, WA. We take immense pride in our ability to translate your desires into tangible outdoor paradises. Whether it’s a deck, a patio, or a screened porch, our unwavering commitment to excellence shines through. Contact us today, and take the defining step toward transforming your outdoor space. Your dream, combined with our expertise, promises an enchanting result that transcends expectations.

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